What we do

Listed below are the steps which will be in effect to ensure quality clean and clear glass windows.

Step One:
A specialty professional cleaning solution is applied to the glass. This particular solution will eliminate any kind of problem areas which may be ailing the glass of your windows. Some of tees difficult areas may have spots of grease, grime, dirt, or other build up. The cleaning solution is put on top of any problem areas your windows may have. This is applied with a specialized soft scrubber designed especially with professional window cleaners in mind. This process is used to ensure the most perfect results ever time, without any kind of damage done to the glass window itself.

Step Two:
Before the actual glass itself is cleaned, The window tech wipes down the surrounding windrow frame and sill removing bug dung, spider webs, and mud dauber pelts. These measures are taken to ensure perfect results are achieved.

Step Three:
Next, the solution is carefully squeegeed off of the surface of the glass. This is done in a very precise and accurate manner to ensure no mess is created around the window.

Step Four:
Once the glass itself has been properly cleaned, the window frames, sills, and tracks are all detailed.


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